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The girl who wanted everything
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Me; Love me
Access denied.
add me first, comment telling me you've added me
I'll add you back.

Text; Not Pals (Dane)
Friends cut.

If I know you in "real life", and you are talking to me still then you're fine.

I'm out of the Floo Network, I'm not active enough and it's unfair sorry guys. I've enjoyed reading your stuff and all those quizes :3

If you think you are being removed, and want to stay.
Let me know here.
24th-May-2004 06:24 pm(no subject)
Me; Love me
Tell me a secret.
All anonymous secrets will be unscreened.
Post anonymous, unless you don't want to. ;)
15th-Apr-2003 11:42 pm(no subject)
Me; Love me
Ask me a question.
Anything you feel you need to know about me. Anonymously allowed, but not preferred.

Explanation/directions, to be deleted laterCollapse ) And the date will eventually be changed so it is in line with the "Tell me a secret" and "Friends only" posts.

Speaking of which, tell me a secret.

The running list of Q&ACollapse )
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